As mentioned on the Twitters, we now have a "Hot" and "Cold" list of the best- and worst-performing stocks. You can also hover over the little arrows to see more detail on ups and downs. These same arrows are on the project search page.

The project usage numbers for Drupal Webstocks come from That data wasn't especially easy to access on We wrote some code to parse HTML on and pull out the useful info so we could do something new with it. In the interest of encouraging new uses of this public data, we're making it easier to get. Webstocks now has a public JSON API.

Here's the documentation:

List of all project paths.

It's no fun to find you can't buy the project you want because someone else already owns it all. So we've made two changes to reduce such unfun: buy limits, and selling at a markup. You can now only buy half of available shares of a stock in a single trade. So if a stock has 100 shares available, you can only buy 50 of those shares. You're welcome to go back and buy 25 of the remaining 50 shares, then 13 of the remaining 25, and so on. You can still buy all of a stock; it just takes more dedication now.

Do you think you know when Drupal 8 will be released? Now you can put your Webstocks money on the line with the Drupal 8 Release Date Lottery. As more people make guesses the total prize increases, and whoever guesses the correct date will split the total. We also have a live graph of guess dates, which should be fun to watch. You can make multiple guesses, so if you think you know the month, but not the exact day Drupal 8 will be released, you can hedge your bet across many days.

I just fixed a bug that allowed buying stocks at a price of zero. Since this allows making money with no risk of losing any, it was never supposed to be possible, and now it's not. A few people had exploited this bug, and I've deleted and reversed those trades. Any profit from selling stocks bought at zero was removed from cash and any still-owned stocks bought at zero were removed from assets. As a result, some people have negative cash right now, which is normally impossible.