Big in Japan?

As mentioned on the Twitters, we now have a "Hot" and "Cold" list of the best- and worst-performing stocks. You can also hover over the little arrows to see more detail on ups and downs. These same arrows are on the project search page.

That's nice and all, but I wasn't going to make a blog post about it until I noticed something odd, something I couldn't describe in 140 characters. If you click through the links on the "Hot" list, you'll notice nearly all of the projects currently on the list have a very distinct shape over the last 3 months. The projects: Japanese Mobile, GTranslate, URL alter, Custom Pagers, HTML Purifier, AdSense, Taxonomy Image, Fivestar, and SEO Checklist. The usage numbers on these projects range from 18,000 to 45,000, but they all follow the same pattern of ups and downs over the past 3 months. This is not a common pattern across Drupal projects in general, or even in that range of usage.

This looks like a single source driving a significant amount of the usage on several Drupal projects, almost 6,000 sites added just last week. The first 2 Drupal projects on the list suggest it's something in Japan. I would expect something that big to show up in Drupal news, but I haven't found anything anything that seems related. So I'm hoping someone else can fill in the missing information and satisfy my curiosity. What's going on here?



This post was sent to me today....first time to see your site, very interesting.

Your suspicions about Japan are correct. There has recently been a lot of activity.

There are several reasons for this, but there are two big reasons.

Reason #1: among others, have started regular Drupal meetups in Japan. There have been three of them and attendance and coverage has been quite good.

Details are here:
(scroll to the bottom of these pages for English)

I'm sure these events have sparked a lot of usage of Drupal in Japan over the last several months.

Reason #2: launch on Drupal.

This is one of Japanese largest newspapers. The site ranks among the 100 most popular sites in Japan about the 1000'th most popular in the world. Development started late last year and the new site was launched this month.


Thanks for the info, DNdood!