Buy Less, Sell More

It's no fun to find you can't buy the project you want because someone else already owns it all. So we've made two changes to reduce such unfun: buy limits, and selling at a markup. You can now only buy half of available shares of a stock in a single trade. So if a stock has 100 shares available, you can only buy 50 of those shares. You're welcome to go back and buy 25 of the remaining 50 shares, then 13 of the remaining 25, and so on. You can still buy all of a stock; it just takes more dedication now. We hope most people will get bored before they buy up all shares, leaving more shares for everyone else.

The second change is intended to encourage you to sell stocks you already own. Previously you could only sell stocks at the market price, so you had a strong incentive to hold the stock until the price went up. Now you can assign a markup on any stock you own, a premium above the market price, and sell directly to other traders. You''ll see a new "Sell at Markup" link next to the standard "Sell" link in your portfolio. For example, if you own a stock with a current value of $3 and you don't want to sell it until that price has doubled, you can offer to sell it with a markup of $3 today, allowing others to buy it now for $6.

Stocks will always be sold at the lowest available price first, starting with any available market-priced shares. The buy form will indicate the price and warn you if you're buying at a markup above the listed market price. Hopefully we'll see fewer faded buy buttons. Project pages also list current owners now, so if you see something you want at a markup, just find the owner and make an offer.

After seeing how these changes work out, we'll continue to tweak the rules to try to make the game more fun. Your suggestions are always welcome.


I get a access denied when i click on 'sell at markup'

I'd like to be able to "short-sell" some stocks - basically making a bet that they are going to go down in the future.

From an investing perspective this is pretty common. From a Drupal/prediction perspective this has a fair bit of value since it lets you know which modules I think are low enough quality that people are going to stop using them.