Drupal 8 Release Date Lottery

Do you think you know when Drupal 8 will be released? Now you can put your Webstocks money on the line with the Drupal 8 Release Date Lottery. As more people make guesses the total prize increases, and whoever guesses the correct date will split the total. We also have a live graph of guess dates, which should be fun to watch. You can make multiple guesses, so if you think you know the month, but not the exact day Drupal 8 will be released, you can hedge your bet across many days.

In other news, the Webstocks blog now has an RSS feed, which you should follow if you want to keep up to date with big changes like lotteries and project bankruptcy. Project bankruptcy? Yes, project bankruptcy. Currently, if you own a stock that goes down to zero users, you can hold on to it until it regains some value. In the near future, we'll treat that as a project bankruptcy, and you'll lose all shares of zero-value stock. We'll wait at least a week before implementing this to give those of you trading heavily in low-value stocks some time to adjust your portfolios.