Webstocks API

The project usage numbers for Drupal Webstocks come from Drupal.org. That data wasn't especially easy to access on Drupal.org. We wrote some code to parse HTML on Drupal.org and pull out the useful info so we could do something new with it. In the interest of encouraging new uses of this public data, we're making it easier to get. Webstocks now has a public JSON API.

Here's the documentation:


List of all project paths.


Information about a specific project, including name and current value (usage count), e.g. http://drupal.webstocks.ws/api/project/drupal


Full list of past values with ISO 8601 dates for a specific project, e.g. http://drupal.webstocks.ws/api/project/fontyourface?info=past-values

If there's something else you'd like to see added to the API, let us know. And if you make something cool with it, let us know that too.