I made the project pages a little better today, continuing to apply Joel's design. Beyond generally looking better, the pages are a bit more functional. Buy and sell buttons now fade out if you can't actually use them, so you don't need to waste your time trying to buy something you can't afford, or trying to sell something you don't own. Also, it's a little easier to promote your stocks now, via both links to relevant pages on, and the new "Tweet about this Project" link for those of you still using Twitter despite the recent revelations that it lacks circles.

Renowned investor Dave Reid sent a message via the contact form suggesting a forum for feature requests. I already had creating a blog on my to-do list, for updates about what's happening, so I thought I'd trying combining the two and using individual blog posts as mini discussion forums.

So let's talk about feature requests. First, here's the current to-do list, generally ordered easy-to-complicated: